The painful fact:

You see, according to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) report – there are about 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States. And it literally means you are now having nearly 2 million competitors who always try to beat you up every single minute!

Now –  as a real estate agent you have to stand out from the crowd and become the top 3% in order to be successful 

And it means you have to position yourself as an expert and be way more excellent than the other 2 million agents!

Why do you MUST position yourself as a real estate expert?

Standing out from the crowd and establishing yourself as an expert in your industry – is how you make your prospects constantly come to you and beg for your help!

Because “If you’re viewed as an expert, you’re viewed as the best!” – Most people want to work with the best, learn from the best and collaborate with the best.

The more trusted you are, the easier it is for you to complete the transaction – and when you’re viewed as an expert – the opportunities will be endless!

And really… could you make it done by following the traditional way? – NO! – You need a powerful comprehensive guide – in order to dominate and become the best of the best in this competitive “game”

Next, based on all the experience I’ve gained from working with EOwn so far, I’m going to walk you through a powerful step-by-step guide that totally can “level up” yourself… and if you follow it constantly and properly you would see incredible results in a short period of time

EOwn - Real Estate Expert
EOwn’s Step-by-step guide for ambitious real estate agents to attract hundreds of thousands of new leads

5 strategy to attract new leads as a real estate expert

Strategy #1: Halt buying new real estate leads or getting listings

This is one of the most dangerous mistakes that average real estate agents always make – They jump into the real estate industry and spend most of the time doing those stuff and then end at failure!

Why should you halt buying new leads?

Well, buying leads does not generate “easy” leads as you think… The reality is “hot leads” can easily turn out to be “cool leads”. Just because prospects inquire about listings doesn’t mean they are ready to buy. Agents Isabel, a real estate agent, described her personal experience that leads that she bought on Zillow can be split into 3 groups:

  • Group 1: Leads to thrown out: wrong number, fake emails, scams such as “I didn’t mean to inquire”, “someone inquired on my behalf as a prank”
  • Group 2: Leads with a low chance to convert but still should be put into nurturing
    • “have a real estate agent, but were just curious about that property”
    • “prefer to rent”
    • “won’t be buying until next year.”
  • Group 3: Leads with high chance to convert: these are leads that Zillow promise

As you can see, buying real estate leads on Zillow doesn’t equate to “easy” sales. You have to spend time filtering those leads and take skills and efforts to convert them to qualified leads. 

Most agents stated that they experienced a conversion rate of from 1% – 5% on Zillow because most people are just looking. 

This means on average, you have to buy 20-100 real estate leads to close 1 sale, and the cost of one Zillow lead ranges from $20 – $60/ lead, you have to spend from $400 to $6000 to convert 1 sale. Depending on how big the deal is, that can be worth it or not. But one thing for sure is it takes lots of time and effort to sift through those leads and convert them. 

Keep reading…

Why shouldn’t you solely focus on getting listings?

You see, there are so many real estate agents who don’t get enough training from their broker 

So that they can’t close the deal, they don’t know how to serve their clients and they’re terrible at interacting, negotiating with their prospects. Because, in most cases, their priority is just the split in commission and they almost forget The importance of real estate agent training

Now – listings actually can not help you close the deal. This is why you should focus on the skill, the training first – which you can get from your good broker, instead of jumping into getting listings at the beginning

Here’s where EOwn suggest you learn more about how a real estate agent can choose a good real estate broker 

Want to be more confident whenever you approach prospect and set up successfully a listing appointment. This is exactly the way you get attraction from your broker.

Strategy #2: Learn how to become an “Expert on the phone”

You know… I was blown away when I know the majority of agents out there just learn by heart a few outdated phone call scripts and then jump on the phone with an outdated mindset like:

“That’s ok, that’s ok… Just follow the scripts and get enough objections then I’m gonna be successful” – No!

Dan Lok, the Multi-millionaire entrepreneur a.k.a Founder of, once revealed in his video that the most brilliant approach when it comes to making cold calls:

‘’ What is happening in terms of sales, we are not, you are not selling a product, you are not selling a service, you’re selling trust.’’

This is why you have to approach with the right mindset and the powerful skill that can bring trust to your prospects and make them willing to share without almost no hesitation 

Here’s the complete guide to cold calling for real estate agent

Best times and best days to make calls:

EOwn Lead Generation - Best time for real estate agents to make phone calls
Best time for real estate agents to make phone calls


I know, if you are a licensed real estate agent you probably don’t like making phone calls. Believe me, you’re not alone… most of us (even me) really hate it and sometimes we feel extremely scared to pick up the phone to talk to someone we don’t even know!

But, according to 

“69% of buyers accepted a call from new salespeople in the past 12 months”

The potential is enormous! After all… you don’t have to love making phone calls, but you have to be proficient at them to be successful in real estate.

Every great real estate agent is a great “phone call-er”. Just practice it every day and you would see a huge increase in sales in a very short period of time.

Now, after you become a master on a phone and you have some of those leads agree to continue the process with you… So what do you need to do next?

Strategy #3: Educate your clients – be helpful, don‘t be salesy

Most real estate agents are not willing to do this because it seems so hard and takes a lot of effort to create free valuable content and give it free to your clients. Moreover, I know some of you probably think of something like this:

“How long do I have to do this?”

“If I keep offering them free content and information, who would pay for what I’m selling?”

“What if they read all of that and know everything they need to know and then they don’t want to buy my product anymore?”

Yeah, it’s easy to understand why you might think about free content and information this way – after all, your end goal is all about closing the transaction and making profits, so giving away free goodies would be really crazy, right?

Wrong. Big mistake!

This is How Mint grew to 1.5 million users and sold for $170 million in just 2 years 

And also how Buzzsumo is now attracting 46.000+ organic traffic every single month

EOwn keywords

In fact, as you can see, offering free content to your target audience and your prospects can actually do the opposite of what you thought. Providing education on the topics related to your prospect’s pains and gains not only help you boost real estate agent brand’s trust and credibility but also increase your leads and sales

Now – if you think you don’t have enough time to do it on your own and you have a lot more important things to do. This Automatically created valuable content machine will help you solve your problem.

Anyway, if you do it constantly and properly in a certain amount of time, you would see a massive change in your results. By contrast, if you always try to sell them, try to close the transaction as much as you can – you would lose your clients early!

Now – this is a bonus tip that can make you look extremely good to your clients

Bonus tip: Go the extra mile

Eown Real Estate Experts

You should try to be known for someone who is always trying to do whatever it takes to complete the tasks or get something done for someone – even more… always be over-delivered and over-achieved.

Ex: If they just want to know the price of a particular house – Give them all the prices of the nearby houses so that they could make a comparison

Of course, it will take extra works and a lot of effort, but this is the smartest, easiest and fastest way for you to build up your reputation and get referrals from your clients

You see, most people are too lazy… they would never be willing to do this because it seems so hard… and that’s why you can stand out from the crowd by just going the extra mile 

And really… this is also what is going to separate the top real estate agents in the world from other average agents.

Remember this: “No one talks about the people who do exactly the things that they are supposed to do… But they would impressively remember the person who always goes the extra mile and tries to do the task better than what they are expected!”

Strategy #4: Stick to your prospect mind – using the “3 F’s strategy”

This is the powerful strategy shared by Ryan Serhant, one of the most successful, legendary real estate agents in history. He uses this exact strategy to leverage time, creates success, and sell hundreds of millions of dollars every single month. 

This 3 F’s strategy, probably can be your decade resolution which can really change the way you do and think of real estate forever, as an agent

First, let’s get started with…

Number 1: Follow up

As I mentioned before. It’s unbelievable that so many real estate agents out there are very transactional – which means they just try to close the prospect one single time and then those prospects would never ever hear from them again… There is no follow-up, there is no relationship being built,… there is nothing!

Yes… the worst thing you can do with your clients is not keeping in touch with them day by day.

Yeah, I said: “Day by day”. Not every month, not every week… but every day! And why do you have to do that?

You see, now people have to deal with a huge amount of new messages, advertisements, and information through social media almost every second… Do you think they would remember you after a few days?

No. That’s why you must have a strategy to follow them like a ghost!

Number 2: Follow through

EOwn - Follow Up Strategy

This step is actually the simplest – It’s all about “Doing what you say you’re going to do”. But… I blew my mind so many times when the real estate agents out there made a promise and then forgot to do it.

Client: “Hmm… actually I’m looking for a house in my neighborhood”

Agent: “You know what, I’m gonna send you a listing as soon as I get home”

And then, the client never can see that “listing” – That’s so terrible! You could lose all of the reputations you’ve built for years. So, remember to do what you promised! 

Now – here’s the most important part…

Number 3: Follow back

Your old successful transactions are your most precious vaults… keep in touch with them. Give them a wish on their important occasions

If your clients tell you their birthday, write it down. If your clients tell you their dog’s birthday, write it down! Try to remember everything about them and then you can send them a gift or a wish if you think it’s should be celebrated

“Hey… happy birthday Mr. Client, I wish your family will always be happy together… I remember you said you want to become a millionaire after 4 years, so I hope this year your dream will come true. Sincerely!”

I promise… They will remember you until they die!

Get more real estate agent’s “follow-back tips

This really simple step takes you a tiny amount of time but brings an enormous benefit.

Probably, they would take a photo of your wishes and post it on Facebook as a thank you. And then maybe some of your potential prospects see it and you could have a referral. Who knows?

After those 4 steps, you probably become a part of your prospect’s lives. If they stop seeing your content and valuable messages, they would feel uncomfortable!

In fact, after those 4 steps, new real estate leads will naturally come to you because now you have your own reputation and intimate relationship with your prospects. And you can make sure,  whenever your clients think of real estate they would immediately think of you… Now – closing the transaction is not the problem anymore!

Strategy #5: Build your strong personal brand

This is absolutely the most difficult part. Because it’s not only about making people in the real estate industry be inspired by you, but also people who are NOT in this industry and do not intend to buy or sell any house still want to follow you and get information from you

You have to constantly create valuable stuff that is relevant to lots of other people’s lives in order to broaden your own image. Let’s take a look at 

Dominate the “social world” with your real estate brand

After all, if you want to create a torrential downpour of qualified leads that are ready to do business with you and always ready to give you referrals whenever they have a chance. You need a huge amount of content and information 

In fact, you cannot do all of it on your own… You need a team to work with and support you in all of these tasks. But! It’s impossible to have a team when you just started your career unless you have a ton of money

And that’s why EOWn software has been built to help you handle all of that stuff constantly by using automatical software to create valuable content and you just need to take it and give it to your clients

Check out how EOwn works here (It’s FREE).

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