Content marketing for real estate agents

Content Marketing Strategy help you drive your customers from stranger to itchy-to-buy leads with an inconsiderable budget by increasing a conversion rate between each buying state – which I will clarify later o

#1: Why real estate agents can benefit a lot from content marketing?

The National Association Of Realtors disclosed that the typical conversion rate of lead-to-transaction is just 0.4% – 1.2%. It means, for every 200 leads you can obtain, you can just convert 1 or 2 of them into your customers. It will cost you a considerable amount of time and money to close the transaction with that conversion rate

So, what is the difference if you can increase the conversion rate by just 1 percent?

Now, let see the hypothetical example that indicates. Pay attention to the 2% of people converted from visitors to leads – you will see the 2% conversion rate. It means, real estate agents probably can generate about $128,000 in revenue for every 4000 visitors that landed on their websites

Content marketing for real estate agents

Now, the conversion rate increases from 2% to 3%. As you can see, the revenue generated now is $192,000 – which is a 50% increase in your revenue. Only just a 1% increase most likely can help you grow your income by 50%!

Content marketing for real estate agents

That’s just with only a 1% increase… Imagine if you can double or even triple that number? – That’s insane

Now, competitions never stop rising, making it even harder for you to find sellers and buyers. That’s why you should employ a superb content marketing strategy to drive the conversion rate as much as 600%

Content marketing for real estate agents


#2: 6 unbelievably enormous benefits of content marketing for real estate agents

1) It creates reputation and authenticity

Now, with the growth of marketing and technology, most people are facing millions of different local brands and companies. And the statistics show that most Americans are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day, not to mention a vast majority of those ads are full of hype pitches and outrageous claims

So, nowadays, people crave more personal interaction with a specific brand. That’s a real estate agent need to truly cares about their prospects needs and their secret desires, NOT their wallets only

Content marketing for real estate agents


Content marketing helps you create an intimate relationship with your prospects by constantly adding values and providing actual solutions that can help them solve their existed problems. And by that way, it positions yourself as a trustworthy real estate agent

Find more ready-to-use templates in EOwn library here: EOwn – Promotional Content Templates

2) It helps you position yourself as a real estate expert

Content marketing strategy not only helps you create trust and become an actual friend with your prospects, but it is also the most powerful way to position yourself as a real estate expert in a short period of time. And, of course, people want to do business with an expert, learn from an expert and collaborate with an expert – so, now the opportunities for you will be endless

3) It generates more qualified leads

As I mentioned at the beginning, a superb content marketing strategy can drive the conversion rate as much as 600%

And 61% of customers are influenced by custom content

Content marketing for real estate agents

So, using a proper content marketing strategy not only helps you increase the amount of monthly traffic, but also improve the conversion rate from visitor to qualified leads – who are ready to buy

Moreover, content marketing can be employed in almost any kind of industry

Take The Truckers Report for an example, this is a professional platform for truck drivers. Using a great content marketing strategy to increase the conversion rate of their landing page by 79.3%. Getting the result of over 1.000.000 million traffics land on their page and over 4.5 million page views.

4) It saves you more time and energy

Simply creating content with no specific strategy absolutely cannot help you reduce the cost. You have to track all the statistics to see what’s converting well and then really focus on the center cornerstone that making the most positive impact

Google Analytics is a good choice if you want to analyze statistics from different resources


After tracking all the statistics from all the resources that you’ve been used in your content marketing strategy. You now easily can be able to focus on just the not-good one and make it better

Content marketing for real estate agents


Content marketing probably costs less time than doing the traditional ones that many average real estate agents are using. Moreover, you can use EOwn software and tons of done-for-you content templates to save time and money.

5) It reduces the cost and creates extra revenue

According to, content marketing generates 3 times better results with costs of about 62% less than outbound marketing

And consider to

“67% of respondents were spending between $38,000 to $45,000 marketing themselves each year”

The survey ran by Mcgrath – a real estate agent showed that 67% of real estate agents who had already reached a point in their career – earning around $300k/mo or more responding that they were spending around $38,000 to $45,000 marketing themselves each year.

So, instead of spending a huge amount of money on outbound marketing. Simply using the power of content marketing, you could attract a huge amount of leads with a much lower budget, not to mention the leads from content marketing are highly-qualified

Here’s a 25 years old man, making $250k/mo without spending more than $200/mo in generating leads. By adding value to his prospects in advance – Things like a “Hot List of Homes Under $X” or a “Free Home Seller Guide” or “Free Home Buyer Guide”, he could close the deals much easier and achieve his goal at a very young age

6) It helps you increase the commission

Don’t try to reduce the commission. In many ways, there will always be someone who can be able to offer a better commission than what you’re doing

Real estate agents at Clever Real Estate commit to saving sellers an average of $9,000 per transaction — and gets them offers 25% faster

Try to increase the commission by increasing your reputation and position yourself as a real estate expert, especially in your area. Because when you have a great reputation you probably can charge a higher price without having a fear of losing your prospects

#3: 9 high-effective content types you should deliver to your real estate prospects

1) Articles

The most common type of content is articles. You should spend at least 1 day a week to write great and absolutely useful articles and deliver them to all of your prospects

So, when writing an article, remember this:

“The number #1 most important thing you have to always focus on is creating captivated headlines”

Because a great headling can truly spark interest in your prospect and drive them to read your articles. And according to little-known statistics from Copyblogger:

  • 80% of people will read your headlines.
  • But only 20% of those people will read the rest of your content!

And that’s why the headline itself sometimes is being considered even more important than all the rest of your article

Anyway, if you know about one of the best publications about writing headlines on earth –


It always catches your attention and probably forces you to buy at least one…

Because the headlines are SO good!

2) Infographic

According to people only remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read – but remember 80% of what they see and do


So, try to visualize your idea in order to boost the engagement of your audience.

For example, you can turn a First-time home buyer and First-time home seller guide into an infographic like this:

Content marketing for real estate agents


Content marketing for real estate agents

3) Ebook

Ebook can be considered as one of the most powerful high-value content offers – content that your prospects find SO valuable that they link to it, share it socially, and always talk over the daily conversation

And, of course, it will lower the speed of closing the transaction, but it’s worth it because indicates that 95% of customers value thorough, high-quality support more than the speed

And according to, they increased the conversion rate of their client’s landing page from an average of under 5% to consistently had a 40-50% conversion rate month to month just by simply using two ebooks, and one checklist

So, you can create a free ebook and offer it to your customer in order to build trust and authority. For example, you can create some ebooks like “Real Estate Market Valuation & Analysis FREE Ebook” or like Robert Kiyosaki, the #1 best selling author and founder of you can offer a “Get Your Financial House In Order FREE Ebook”

4) Checklist

As I mentioned before, increased the conversion rate of their client’s landing page from an average of under 5% to consistently had a 40-50% conversion rate month to month just by simply using two ebooks, and one checklist

Content marketing for real estate agents


Checklist is as important as Ebook in content marketing strategy. And creating a checklist is also much easier – you can simply make a file in Google sheet and guide your prospect to “Make A Copy” for themselves

Content marketing for real estate agents

5) Listings

Of course, you want to include your listings in your content marketing plan whenever you can. This is the most important trigger to drive your leads into buyer’s mode.

Content marketing for real estate agents

You can learn about how to get more listings in real estate here

6) Quiz

Now, 87% of survey-takers said that they want to give opinions about the company’s future features of products or services. It means, your prospects want their needs and secret desires can be your priority in the buying or selling process

So, you can simply use quiz maker software or to create your own quizzes in order to collect information and understand your prospect’s expectations

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Content marketing for real estate agents

7) Video

The average amount of time people spend on a YouTube session is 40 minutes. So, the potential of video in content marketing strategy is enormous

When creating videos, remember to make the thumbnail looks simple and beautiful because it can increase engagement by 154%



For example, Ryan Serhant Channel – the legendary real estate agent, use this exact strategy to grow his Youtube community to more than 1 million subscribers

Content marketing for real estate agents

8) Testimonial

Testimonial helps you establish credibility and convert more leads into customers as long as you use them properly

Content marketing for real estate agents


9) Blog Post

Statistics indicate that there are approximately 409 million internet users who view more than 20 billion pages and 77% of internet users read blogs.

Moreover, 77 million new blog comments are generated by readers each month.

That’s why if you spend time to develop your blog and do it consistently you can drive a huge amount of organic traffic to your blog every single month – with almost NO single cent spending on doing advertising

Content marketing for real estate agents

For example, Ryan Serhant Blog is now attracting approximately more than 11,000+ organic traffic each and every month

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#4: 7 specific prospect’s stages in real estate content marketing strategy

1) Stranger

This is when people searching around the Internet or suffering social media and really don’t know anything about you

There are 7 high-converting types of Entry Content – the first type of content that a stranger go through to become your visitor, in content marketing strategy

  • Facebook ads
  • SEO
  • Google Adwords
  • Email
  • Opt-in Page (Offering free Ebook, free checklist,…)
  • Phone call
  • Text Message

So, depending on your purpose and your priority you can choose which one of them is the most appropriate for yourself

Learn more about the 4 specific stages in your prospect’s buying journey here.

2) Visitor

The visitor stage is when the prospects land on your website, your landing pages, or your ads,… Now, in this part, you have to carefully consider whether you really need to get their phone number or not…

Because the A/B split testing shows that the phone number field decreased the conversion rate by 48%

3) New Leads – Nurturing Stage

This can be considered the most important stage which determining whether your prospects are going to make a transaction with you or not. So, you want to give them as much valuable content as possible

Learn more about how EOwn software can help you generate new leads using the power of “Content Stream” and “Content Marketing” here.

4) Qualified Leads & Committed

So, when they book a call, schedule a meeting or fill in a form to show their specific needs means they have a high potential to act and just need more appropriate information to make a decision

Content marketing for real estate agents


5) Pending Transaction

So, after a meeting or a phone call if they don’t decide to take action it means there are some obstacles that you haven’t solved – and this is when the prospects go to the pending transaction stage

You see, the pending stage is one of the biggest factors leading to the 42% of the unpredictability of real estate agent’s income

Content marketing for real estate agents

Now, at this stage, what you need is not about offering more values but following up the right way, at the right time, and with the right method. 16 ready-to-use real estate email templates can be considered the best source to do this

6) Close The Transaction

Celebration, right? – Nothing can be happier than closing the transaction after months, if not years, of chasing your clients

7) Sphere Of Influence & Referrals

Consider to, 82% of real estate closed transactions come from retain and referral business

And according to the National Association Of Realtors, 41% more often than not found their real estate agents through their friends or family members’ referrals. And about 26% have the tendency to keep working with their previous real estate agents to buy or sell their next home.

Content marketing for real estate agents

So, your database with past clients really matters. You have to have a great content marketing strategy to consistently nurture and follow up with them.


Content Marketing can help you generate and convert tons of new leads if you know how to do it properly.

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