If you’re looking for some new ways to level up your real estate career. These blogs are your perfect solution.


Real estate blogs

Best for Getting homebuyer insights

Here you can find a lot of tips for homeowners. Sharing them with your leads is one of the good ways to nurture them and strengthen the bond between you and them.

Sample articles:

How to create your ultimate outdoor kitchen

5 ways to refresh your place

2. McKissock

Best for: Real estate agents

Do you want to develop your skills? – Marketing, lead generation, sales, negotiate,… This blog is literally a gold mine.

Sample articles:

Agents Reveal the Most Common Misconception About Working In Real Estate

Why You Should Start Branding Your Brokerage (And How to Do It)

3. Housing Wire

Best for: Real estate agents

A one-stop solution to gather all industry news, latest trends, interest rates,…

Sample articles:

What Realtors Need to Know about Millennials

NAR schedules proxy war with Zillow

4. The BiggerPockets Blog

Best for: Real estate agents, house flippers

All agents will find this blog very helpful because there are so many articles relating to real estate investing, first-time homebuyers, landlords,…

Sample articles:

The Top 10 Rental Features that Attract Cream of the Crop Tenants

How to Challenge a Low Appraisal—And Win a High Valuation

5. Speaking of Real Estate

Best for: Real estate agents

NAR is too popular to talk more about it.

Sample articles: 

What’s the Right Way to Structure a Marketing Service Agreement?

7 Home-focused Instagram Accounts You’ll Swoon Over

6. Inman

Best for: Real estate agents

If you’re interested in learning the latest trends, this blog is for you. But the problem is you have to subscribe to read Inman’s blog posts.

Sample articles: 

Why Real Estate APIs are the Future

Private Palm Beach island to sell for $90M in off-market deal

7. Redfin Blog

Best for: Real estate agents

If you want to learn more about homebuyers… there is nothing better than Redfin.

Sample articles: 

Redfin Survey: 36% of Millennial Homebuyers Took a Second Job to Save for Down Payment; 10% Sold Cryptocurrency

10 Best Home Improvements Under $10k Worth the Investment

8. Real Estate – The New York Times

Best for: Real estate agents

It’s New York-centric, but you can also get a lot of insights into the global real estate market.

Sample articles: 

How to Create a Serene Home

Shopping for a Home with FaceTime

9. Realest Blog

Best for: Landlords and Real estate agents

Get more information about home buyers and home sellers. Learn the ins and outs of the real estate market to level up your real estate career.

Sample articles: 

Mistakes Homebuyers Maker by Generation

10. Forbes Real Estate

Best for: Real estate agents, real estate investors

It’s obvious that most people are aware of Forbes but rarely do real estate agents know this is truly a gold mine for understanding more about real estate marketing. And absorbing more latest and in-depth information.

Sample articles: 

Here’s How to Buy a House When You Have Student Loan Debt

Yankees Great Derek Jeter Cuts The Price On New York Castle

11. Invest Four More

Best for: Real estate investors, real estate agents

This blog give you in-depth knowledge, news, trends,… relating to the property investing market.

Sample articles: 

How to Scale a House-Flipping Business

How Does A Mortgage Work When Buying A House?

12. The Business Journals Residential Real Estate News

Best for: Real estate agents

You can find a lot of interesting real estate stories here.

Sample articles: 

What a $148.7 Million Multifamily Sale Says About Sacramento’s Housing Market

Exploring the fast-changing economics of how Covid-19 is impacting commercial real estate

13. The Close

Best for: Real estate agents

This site will help you level up your marketing skill, know more about lead generation, the latest technology available,…

Sample articles: 

15 Open House Ideas That Will Actually Get You Leads

The Pivot: Are Personal Websites a Waste of Time & Money in 2021?

How to Open House Today – Best invitation for an open house

13. Century 21® Real Estate Blog

Best for: Real estate agents, home buyers, home sellers

This blog provides you with many tips for your potential home sellers and home buyers to make their houses more beautiful.

Sample articles: 

These Tips May Speed Up Your Home Sale

What would you do if you had an extra room in your house?

14. REtipster

Best for: Real estate agents, real estate investors

Want to target real estate investors? – This blog aims to help you do that.

Sample articles: 

How to Take the Headache Out of Craigslist

7 Ways to Sell Your Property in 7 Days

15. Jason Fox

Blogs for real estate agents

Best for: Real estate agents

This blog focuses on marketing tips… and aims to help you get valuable and authentic marketing tips.

Sample articles: 

Send Video to Your Sphere of Influence Using Facebook Ads


16. The RE/MAX Blog

Blogs for real estate agents

Best for: Real estate agents, home buyers, home sellers

Their slogan says a lot about what they’re trying to convey to their readers. You’re going to find a lot of valuable information in this blog.

Sample articles: 


17. Cornerstone Home Lending Blog

Blogs for real estate agents

Best for: Real estate agents

This blog give you actionable advice that you can use immediately to improve your communication, negotiation skills,…

Sample articles: 

1 Awkward Mortgage Questions You’re Way Too Embarrassed to Ask

Exactly what to say when your clients ask these big questions

How to attract leads smartly with real estate quiz

18. Sotheby’s International Realty

Blogs for real estate agents

Best for: Luxury real estate agents, window shoppers

This blog gives you luxurious experience relating to virtual home tour, posh destination roundups, real estate market,…

Sample articles: 

7 Properties with Incredible Guest Houses

Video Of The Week: Take A Virtual Tour Of A Striking Modern Retreat In Ontario

Enjoy your Successful Virtual Home Tour

19. Trulia’s Blog

Real estate blogs

Best for: Real estate agents, homebuyers, sellers

This is actually a blog customized only for homebuyers and sellers, but if you want to know more about what your potential customers are looking for. This is truly a treasure trove for you.

Sample articles: 

Sneaky Things That Can Ruin Your Credit Score

What a $250,000 Home Looks Like in 25 Major Cities

20. Keeping Current Matters

Real estate blogs

Best for: Real estate agents, homebuyers

This is another resource for homebuyers. Sharing these articles with your buyer leads will go a long way.

Sample articles: 

Next Recession in 2020? What Will Be the Impact

Patience Is the Key to Buying a Home This Year

21. Geek Estate Blog

Real estate blogs

Best for: Real estate investors, real estate agents

If you’re truly serious about becoming a successful real estate agent and want to learn from some of the biggest names in the real estate niche, this blog is your treasure trove.

Sample articles: 

Blockchain Ledger Technology and the Future of Real Estate Transactions

The real problem with the real estate industry


Constant learning is a “MUST” if you want to become a successful real estate agent. These blogs will help you faster the process and make your life easier.

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