Many new real estate agents have trouble getting organic listings since they don’t receive trust from the sellers. In this post, I’m going to tell you 5 effective ways to get your first Real estate listing online as a new agent…

1) Friends & Family

Many new real estate agents try to avoid this method because they don’t want to “bother” their friends and family; however, studies have shown that close relationships can actually bring back a great source for early listings. 

Try to fill out our database with EVERYONE you know. Everyone here includes your besties, your friends of friends, your relatives, your neighbors, the guy you just met,…

get the first listing through Friends and Family_EOwn blog

To avoid complaints and irritation, you should ask them first whether they’re happy to receive your information in the near future. 

Here’s the script that I used: 

“Hey! I just had my license and started working in real estate! I’m trying to help people who are selling or buying a house. If you know someone who needs my service, can you give me a referral?

Although some will refuse, many probably will say Yes. 

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2) Open House

gets the first listing by Open House_EOwn blog

Getting listings from FSBO Open houses is extremely easy and low-risky. 

If you’re driving down the street and see an Open house by an FSBO, do not hesitate to contact them and make a listing recommendation. At first, the seller probably refuses and doesn’t want to work with an agent, so your goal is to convince them that they need you, and explain how you could help them.

After that, you need to prepare your materials for the open house, and make connections with the owner during the open house. Make sure to follow up a few days after the event to ask the homeowners if they have any further questions.

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3) Cold calling & Call everyone you know

Cold calling is not dead. 

Despite the complaints, the annoyance, the dirty words we receive, Cold calling is still one of the most effective ways to get listings if you do it constantly.  

In business, connections are key. Try to approach them as soon as possible, and even if they are not in demand now, they will soon ask for your help later or even refer someone they know to you. 

Cold Calling to get the first listing_EOwn blog

Of course, it requires patience and there are some negative aspects of this work, but these things shouldn’t be the reason stopping you from trying this great strategy. 

I highly recommend calling in the morning (7 a.m – 9 a.m) and try to schedule a face-to-face meeting as soon as possible. Avoid calling in the afternoon: they could have just fought with their staff and you will be the one suffering the consequences. 

To maximize the result of Cold calling, you can check out these Cold calling scripts for new real estate agents

4) Put yourself out to the world – Social Media 

Social Media is a goldmine for real estate businesses, not only for sales but also for recognition. 

A single real estate license isn’t enough, your clients are expecting more. They need someone who can protect their interest and take care of them, guiding them through the property ownership process. They’re looking for someone they can trust and rely on.

And that’s when social media comes into play. If applied correctly, it can be a great way to build relationships, engage with sellers and increase credibility. 

You can find more Facebook ad real estate listing templates here to launch a successful campaign. 

5) Talk to your neighbors and strangers (on the street) about real estate

Nowadays, to be a successful real estate agent you must expand your relationships and connections in order to grow your business. You’ll see significant improvements in revenue and a broad expansion within your referral network. 

Build relationships with everyone: your neighbors, some random guy on the street, friends of friends, … as many as possible. 

get the first listing through networking_EOwn blog

Be proactive, hold yourself accountable, connect with them on Social media and create value! 

Numerous people have used this method to generate leads and sales. Yawar Charlie used this exact strategy to get his first listing and then create an approximately $500MM empire:

“My very first listing was my neighbor across the street. We had a personal connection, and she felt comfortable taking a chance on me. I was also working with a mentor that was well-established, so I had his name behind me as well. That gave me the confidence to really present this listing in a way that I knew I could sell it.” – Yawar Charlie.

Here are 4 simple steps that you can use to expand your real estate networks and make more friends in less than 60s

  • Note: 

Do not use pushy sales tactics. Instead, staying calm makes everybody feel like you’re a professional and organized real estate agent rather than an aggressive and sales-y person. 

It takes time to nurture trust, credibility, and relationships to get listings.


Getting the first listing as a new real estate agent can be extremely stretching.

But only if you know the secret method, you can handle them easily!

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However, the starting process can be difficult sometimes. 


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