Being a real estate agent can earn you a huge amount of income; however, the starting process can be difficult sometimes. 

In this post, I will guide you through the 6 steps from a new real estate agent to a 6-figure-income one. 

1) Know your market

One thing you should start immediately is investing time and effort in studying today’s market! The more effort you spend, the more confident and trustable you are when speaking with your clients and prospects. 

However, many real estate agents fail to do this either because they’re lazy or undermining the significance of this task. But little did they know that this is one of the key elements to becoming a successful – 6-figure income – real estate agent.

Research and update the trends continuously every day.

  • Are there any new listings coming?
  • Are there new pending or new sales? 
  • Does the sales price and asking price differ now? 
  • What are the changes in the value of the land? 

         and more…

Here’s how a well-established real estate agent spend their day effectively 

2) Find A Mentor

At the start, you should approach a person that has already had an incredible amount of experience in the real estate industry.

You will get to learn their process of getting clients, dealing with housing prices, selling/buying a house,… literally EVERYTHING that involves years of work.

This will save you a huge amount of time learning independently (sometimes can be ineffective) and the process of reaching a 6-figure income will be shortened significantly. 

Moreover, some brokers even offer training programs for you to attend, or you can approach a real estate agent you already know – someone with at least 3 years of experience is idealistic.

New Real Estate Agent's Guide

Find A Mentor

will save you a huge amount of time learning independently and the process of reaching a 6-figure income will be shortened significantly.


3) Build Relationships & networking.

Although a successful real estate agent will have a full calendar and always be very busy, they still have a decent amount of time building relationships with their prospects and clients.

Building lasting relationships with clients not only increases the chances of them coming back to you with new opportunities but also brings back more leads as they’re likely to introduce you to other people. 

So remember: Treat all of your clients fairly, whether they’re buying/selling a $100,000 house or a $1,000,000 one; and also don’t forget to maintain the relationship AFTER closing the deal.

Furthermore, besides your clients/prospects, you should also cooperate with other real estate agents as well. Although splitting the commission may be painful, this will definitely grow your business as they will share their knowledge, experiences, and invaluable skills with you!

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4) Build Your Brand

Make your brand stand out! Make it as personal as possible in order to gain trust from consumers. 

  • What’s your consumer’s avatar?
  • What are their pain and desires? 
  • Who are you and how can you help them?
  • How do you differ from your competitions? 
  • Which market do I focus on?
  • How will you serve them?

As a real estate agent, you’re nothing more than a brand you’ve been building for yourself over the years. Working as an agent is like building and growing a business from scratch.

Here I also have an All-in-one content marketing framework to achieve your Sales and Marketing goals 

5) Take Full Advantage Of Open Houses To Generate New Leads

Creating a sheet of paper, or a form so they can leave their contact information before entering the Open House will make your potential clients list immediately grow up. 

And on the Open House event, don’t only just try to sell the house. Try to advertise yourself. Make a strong impression so they can remember you when you contact them afterward. 

Talk to them. Engage with them. Make yourself professional and trustworthy.

Following this method will enhance the possibility of creating a home search for those buyers – one of the most critical steps to gain new clients.

Here’s where you can find Open House graphic templates to grab the buyer’s attention and force them to buy! 

6) Keep Growing 

It is said that “Learning has no limit”, and this theory can’t be any truer when it comes to working in the real estate industry. 

Earning your license is not enough. There’s a lot more for you to discover in this industry and you can only get them through years of working in the trenches. 

The more you understand this market, the higher your income is. So throughout the journey to 6-figure income, remember:

Always have an open mind. And never give up!


Starting a real estate business can really be challenging at the start, some even experience negative cash flows. 

However, if you manage to sharpen your skills and try to master these 6 things you will soon crush that 6-figure income goal! 

New Real Estate Agent's Guide

Being a real estate agent can earn you a huge amount of income

However, the starting process can be difficult sometimes. 


When it comes to real estate, besides effective marketing solutions, your branding is vital, this will take you further. Building your brand and spreading out your local community will help you get more listings and help you build meaning relationships that last long term at the same time.

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