Every day, millions of people around the world join the real estate industry; consumers have millions of choices ready for them… So what makes you stand out? How can you beat your competitors and always be your client’s best-first-ever choice? 

It’s about professionalism and personalism. In this post, I will discuss these two factors through the most powerful method – branding content. 

1) What is branding content?

The purpose of branding content is to tell your clients who you are and what you serve using “Branding Images”

It’s not just meaningless advertisements and “sales-y” posts; instead, it is used to make interactions with you and your clients both professionally and personally. 

To make it clearer, here are some of the most common examples of branding content:

  • Testimonials: showing your past clients’ responses
  • Team Index: introducing your team
  • Agent: introducing real estate agents that your clients will be working with. 

and more…

Real Estate Branding Content

2) Why do you need branding content?

In this continuously innovating world, the real estate industry is becoming more and more saturated and homebuyers and home sellers have too many options to choose from.

So as a real estate businessman, it is super essential to advance branding content marketing to stand out from your competitors. 

But why branding content? – Well, branding content is long proven to be the most powerful strategy for real estate businesses: It uses graphics

It’s easy to understand, right? The best way to deliver information is through images – They are easy to see, fun to observe, and more memorable than long plain texts and traditional ads.

3) When to use branding content?

When to use branding content?

The answer is: Right at the start and continues forever…

When starting up, branding content will increase your recognition. This will prevent the problem that your business has remained for a long time but not growing much. 

However, just doing branding content marketing at the start isn’t enough. Once people know you and recognize your brand, your job now is to gain their trust and increase your credibility! 

Your #1 goal is to make your prospect think about you straightaway whenever they’re ready to make a decision. You can advance this by using memorable graphics – a.k.a branding content. 

4) Professional branding

Just as its name, professional branding will increase your credibility and trustworthiness – Prospects only come to you when they feel they can rely on you. 

Act like a short resume: exhibit your achievements and skills, your good sides, and the reasons your clients should join you. 

In your real estate professional branding, you may include…

  • An introduction about your business: your people, your team, and their achievements…
  • Your niche: the type of house you mainly serve…
  • Past achievements: sales volume, year of experience, awards, and nomination…
  • Customers you work with: you can use testimonials and reviews.

For example, here’s professional branding content that comes from EOwn library.

Sample #1 from EOwn:

Professional branding content from EOwn library

Sample #2 from EOwn:

Professional branding content from EOwn library

5) Personal branding

If a professional brand makes people trust your abilities, then a personal brand connects people with your human aspects. They can be your hobbies, interests, personal stories, or photos. 

People like to work with those who have close interactions like friends, families, etc. Therefore, your goal is to build a strong connection with them.

  • Share your hobbies and interests: clients like working with people like them.
  • Share some news, stories, posts… that you find interesting.
  • Share your daily life like the events you’re attending, pictures of yourself and your families, etc. 
  • Share your engagement and contribution to the local neighborhood like volunteering or sponsoring charity and community events, your donations, your fundraising,…

For example, here’s personal branding content that comes from EOwn library

Sample #1 from EOwn:

Personal branding content from EOwn library

Sample #2 from EOwn:

Personal branding content from EOwn library

6) Where to find the graphics? 

Like I’ve said before, the images you provide need to be aesthetic and memorable in order to gain your clients’ attention and make them recognize you in the near future. 

However, creating a good-looking graphic is not an easy task. You will need to hire designers and pay them a decent amount of money – They usually demand high because branding content includes a lot of effort and time. 

Besides, sometimes you will just have to deal with the problem that their outcome is not what you expected: it is either the wrong color or not suitable for your need, etc.

Knowing this, EOwn has provided FREE done-for-you branding graphic content for Team Index, Testimonials,…

  • Professionally and personally designed templates 
  • Astonishing and eye-catching testimonials 
  • Easy to use 
  • Over __ templates for you to choose 
  • Cheap/Free

Here’s where you can find __ templates to get yourself started with branding content and grow your business right away! 

7) Conclusion

So, as a marketer, you need to master graphic branding content to build your business exponentially. 

You will also need to have a qualified resource of graphics for your media and public relations. Once again, if you’re interested, you can go here to find out the most effective templates to get your prospect’s attention!