Among all of the real estate lead generation strategies out there, we can not refuse the effectiveness of content form use. 

Content form use actually has various purposes like nurturing clients, surveys, etc. 

But in this post specifically, I will discuss the lead form.

What is a lead form?

Have you ever visited a website and filled up a bunch of your contact information like your name, your email address,…?

Or sign up for weekly newspapers or email lists…?

That’s a lead form. 

Its purpose is to capture information about your prospects and from that, we nurture them to become our clients. 

In the real estate lead generation system, forms usually play an important role; they can be signed up for an appointment form, QnA form, house valuation form, etc. 


Why do agents need to use real estate forms?

There are numerous benefits that make leads form differ from other real estate lead generation methods. 

I have gathered here some of the most common advantages that many businesses had when using real estate form…

  • It’s easier to turn your prospects into customers.

If they decide to fill up your leads form, they are already interested in your business. 

Therefore, you won’t have to put that much effort to gain their trust anymore. 

All you have to do is continuously offer them value and build relationships. 

  • Increases sharing on social media 

Usually, leads form usually links to useful blogs or articles. 

People tend to share values on social media so their friends could also visit it. 

So as long as you are capable of producing value, your real estate lead generation system will increase exponentially. 

  • People like challenges. 

It is proven that instead of reading a thousand-word article, customers like to be challenged and asked questions. 

They are more likely to remember the experience rather than dry and boring facts. 

Pro tip: make the questions easy and effortless. 

How to use Real Estate lead form?

Well, there are various platforms out there for you to consider like Google Form, WPForms, Typeform, Zoho Forms,… 

Here are some tips to advance content form use: 

  • Have a discount 
  • Act as a distraction-free landing page 
  • Use a compelling CTA 
  • If you have a long-form, divide it into steps
  • Use effortless questions so your prospects don’t act out. 

8 forms that convert more real estate leads

  • Appointment scheduler

This can apply to both buyers and sellers. 

Remember to use psychological questions to trigger their curiosity. 

  • Mood check

Mood check content form use is an excellent way to build strong relationships. 

In the form, you can ask them about their worries, their desires, etc.

  • Referral Forms

Best for gaining trust and credibility. 

If you have qualified testimonials, you can try this type of real estate form. 

  • Knowledge Quizzes

Provide some easy questions for them to answer. 

Again, try to design the questions to be easy and effortless, or else they will quit.

  • Contact Forms

This is common. 

You can ask them to sign up for newspapers, webinars, events, etc. 

Try to convince them by giving them the advantages they would gain if they opt-in.

  • Question Forms

This is kinda similar to mood check or knowledge quizzes, but you can expand more with your creativity! 

Still, don’t put hard questions in, or else they will close your leads form right away.

  • Lead Qualification

This type of lead form can help you determine your customer’s avatar…

Which is, of course, very important if you want to grow your business.

  • Interest Check

For real estate form, this is kinda like a survey. 

You can take advantage of their respondents to create relevant content that suits their interests as well! 

For examples of these real estate lead generation forms, go here. 


Form content has always been a great marketing method, especially when it comes to real estate lead generation. 

If you manage to advance this method, your business will generate thousands of leads per day. 

And if you want to know more about practical form templates, you can visit our form library.