There are two real estate agents: Tom and Paul. They are preparing to launch a Real estate Facebook ads campaign for their listing. 

They both advertise for the same house, for the same local area, and invest in the same amount of money.

However, when the ad is launched, Tom received over 1000+ clicks, while Paul only has approximately 10 to 20. 

Why is that happening? What technique does Tom use to generate that many prospects?

Well, it’s because he has clear Facebook real estate listing ads that the majority don’t. 

In this post, I will discuss further How to effectively use Facebook ads for listings.

Why is Facebook Crucial for Real Estate Advertising?

How Facebook Advertising Crucial for Real Estate

In this 4.0 industry, more and more people are spending their money online – Everything is sold on the Internet: food, clothes, books, etc.

Specifically, they surf on social media for entertainment and when they see your ads, they will likely engage with it IF you do it correctly. 

Facebook is the most powerful platform for businesses like us – Each day, billions of people access it and 97% of your competitors are making profits out of this platform right now!

Indeed, if you put in $1, you will likely receive back 3-$5. That’s literally 300-500% profit!

However, to get this result, you cannot do what the majority are doing. So the next thing I’m going to tell you is what you should do to launch a successful Facebook ad campaign for listing… 

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How to Set Up Your Real Estate Facebook Ad Campaign Effectively – Create A Clear Path. 

Before you dive in and spend tons of money tumultuously for real estate Facebook ads, answer these questions to define a clear path: 

  • What is your target audience? 

Be as specific as possible. 

Do you target boys or girls?

What is their age range? Etc.

  • Once your Real estate Facebook ads are launched, where do you want them to be? 

Do you want them to be in the newsfeed or the story? 

Do you want it to appear on the desktop or mobile users? 

  • How many people can this ad reach? 

Look back at your budget and consider different packages. 

Remember: it doesn’t need to be as many people as possible. Focus on the quality. After all, only the one who buys matters, right?

  • What’s your #1 goal? 

Of course, we wouldn’t say it’s to increase our sales – That’s the overall goal. 

But let’s be more specific: Is it to increase likes and follows? Is it for brand recognition? Clicks? Etc.

  • What’s your effective Call To Action? 

Is your CTA compelling? 

Is it suit your prospect’s need? 

Think of it right now! 

  • A/B testing? 

If you haven’t know what A/B Testing is, go learn about it now! 

Then consider your budget. Do you think it’s worth it? 

  • Have you got a follow-up? 

Make plans. 

What are you going to do after they click on your ad? – Call them? Message them? etc.  

How to promote listing ads effectively?

So, I’ve talked enough about real estate Facebook ads. Now I’m going to dive into a more narrow niche: Facebook real estate listing ads. 

Consider you have just listed a house. What are you going to do next to promote listing ads effectively? 

Here are the 2 most powerful ways to promote listing ads:

  • Use Zillow

If you’re a real estate agent for a few months, you probably already know this platform. It’s great. It’s effective. And it’s widely used. 

However, there are some problems with this platform: Being a subscribing agent costs a decent amount of money, and agents have to spend money on their listing leads, too. 

Plus, sometimes Zillow’s valuation can be incorrect and thus makes confusion and misunderstandings between buyers and sellers. 

  • Use content stream

Content stream is like a content library with qualified photos, blogs, done-for-you quizzes, etc. 

Here, you can generate leads effectively without spending so much cost. 

Besides, EOwn also provides you FREE templates for Facebook real estate listing ads. 

Here you can find: 

  • Testimonial templates 
  • Team index templates
  • Real estate agent templates 
  • Neighborhood index templates 

Visit our FREE template library now and run your Facebook ads as soon as possible!