Do you want to grow your business in this increasingly crowded world? 

Well, the best way to do this is to be more professional.

In this post, I will guide you on how to effectively use real estate expert graphic content to boost your revenue and reputation. 

What is expert graphic content?

Expert graphic content is content that displays your professionalism through images, providing knowledge and useful tips to your prospects. 

Reminder: this is different from other types of real estate content ideas. For example, some are for entertainment purposes, some are for brand recognition, some for inspiration, etc. But the type of content we’re discussing today is expert graphic content – providing value and knowledge purposes.

Why use expert graphic content? 

Millions of businesses choose to deliver expert content through blogs.

So using blogs to share real estate expert content ideas, which is usually too dry and boring, may not be the best solution right now as the market is becoming more and more saturated.

On the other hand, using real estate graphics can demonstrate them in a more attractive and authentic way!

Offering expert graphic content not only builds a close relationship with your audience but also helps to close the sale easier.

Like Fred R. Barnard said: One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words.

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How to use expert graphic content? 

There are several platforms for you to illustrate real estate experts through graphics…

  • Social post 

Real estate expert graphic is the best fit for social platforms since it is eye-catching, short-formed, and easy to gather the reader’s attention. 

Ideally, post 2-3 Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn… posts per week to nurture your prospect. Also, remember to stay in touch with your prospects every single week.

  • Opt-in for lead generation

Try to design your real estate graphic to be as aesthetic, attractive, and compelling as possible. 

You can start off with psychological questions like “Buying a house? Go here” or like “If you want to sell your house, here’s the best advice”…

You can also sign up with weekly newsletters to get a better understanding. 

  • Email Newsletter

Email marketing is one of the powerful ways to generate sales and leads – They are personal and closely interacted. 

Providing a compelling image in your email is likely to force your subscribers to opt-in and therefore increase your click rates. 

Types of real estate expert graphic content

Here are the top 5 real estate expert graphic content types for you to consider…

  1. Buyer tips

Just like its name, the content here is for buyers searching for a suitable house. 

Provide them tips and tricks to buy their dream house at different locations and prices.

  1. Seller tips

Like the first one, this is pretty much the same. 

You can post real estate expert graphics like open house tips or house valuation…

  1. Market stats

Help your prospects keep up with the trends. 

How is the house’s price increasing? What is the most common behavior? … 

  1. Glossary 

I like this one the most. 

Help your prospect memorize the difficult words that appear frequently in this industry. 

This will help them with the research and they will also comprehend better your real estate content ideas. 

  1. Homeowner

Some examples are “How to value your house?” or “Aspects to consider when selling a home”. 

You get the idea, right?

Pro tip: Use bullet points for clarity and curiosity.

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So, I have just shown you How To utilize Expert Graphic Content In Real Estate. 

Like I’ve said earlier, One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words, so try to take advantage of using real estate graphics, especially as digital marketing is continuously becoming worldwide. 

Once you manage to master this, your prospects will eventually become your life customer!