As a real estate agent, “open house” might be one of the most powerful strategies to help you generate tons of real estate leads.

But… You see, when it comes to doing “open house”, most real estate agents don’t really have a specific strategy. They even make a lot of deadly mistakes doing it but don’t even realize it.

That’s why in this blog I’m going to walk you through a step-by-step how to avoid 5 deadly common mistakes and 7 powerful strategies that you can use to effectively do “open house”.

First, you need to understand some of the very common mistakes that over 90% of real estate agents make.

5 Common Open House Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1: – Leaving a dirty house

The last thing you want to do is to leave a mess in your own house. Even worse, trying to save a tiny little amount of money in order to NOT cleaning your house up.

Open house strategy

This deadly mistake will dramatically decrease your house’s value.

So choose wisely, either you want to save a tiny little money or you want to earn a LOT more when your buyer prospects are addicted to your gorgeous house after it’s being cleaned.

Mistake #2: Never follow-up Your Open house prospects

Most people expect that they will make the transaction right the very first time. There is no follow-up, no relationship building, no nurturing,… Nothing! And that’s exactly how to throw money right out of the window.

Because it’s really difficult and almost impossible to get your prospects to buy your house immediately

That’s why people say: “The money is in the Follow-up”. So, you need to have a smart follow-up strategy in order to nurture and close your prospects after they get to know about you.

Here’s how to use content marketing to attract new leads as a new real estate agent.

Mistake #3: – Leaving your pets hanging around

Of course, they’re cute. And most people like pets…

Hamster in a open house

But the problem is your pet is not always cute and clean! When you decide to have a pet around when selling a property, it will probably create a few problems!

What if your dog is going to non-stop barking…

Your cat unstoppably howling, scratching doors, etc. 

It might be really uncomfortable for the visiting home buyers and real estate agents trying to do a viewing.

Mistake #4: Allowing your sellers to attend your Open house

It’s easy to understand when buyers touring a house and non-stop asking a lot of tough questions that probably can make your sellers really uncomfortable.

brown ram

So, except when you want to create a conflict that will instantly kill your plan. If not, don’t do that.

Mistake #5: – Keeping the lights off

It’s driven me crazy many times when I saw a lot of real estate agents too lazy to turn on ALL the lights in their open houses.

Of course, that’s the correct and great way to go about reducing electricity bills and save your seller’s money. But it will get you to trouble if you do that when it comes to showing the Open house.

Real Estate Open House Mistakes

Because, definitely, parts of the house will turn into darker areas in the midst of the open house!

So, if you’d like to make a transaction, please make a habit of turning on all the lights!

Every. Single. Light.

Well… Those are the 5 very common mistakes that most real estate agents make when doing “open house”.

Now, here are 7 powerful open house ideas that will help you generate tons of real estate leads in a short period of time…

7 breakthrough open house strategies

#1: Send a calendar! People will forget, for sure…

That’s why people said: “I believe in myself but I don’t trust myself”

They will forget! Even if they don’t want to.

Real Estate Open House Strategies

So, don’t trust them, just send them a calendar!

If you don’t want to do “Open house” alone… Remind them!

2. Run a Facebook Live Stream

It’s easy to see that people spend most of their time on Facebook.

Real Estate Open House Strategies


So, you don’t want to waste this huge potential resource.

Pick up a phone. Make a “live stream”. Done! Now, you can increase the effectiveness of your open house strategy

You can also learn about 7 Killer Tips for More Effective Real Estate Facebook Ads

3. Strategic follow-up plan

As I mentioned earlier, the odds of a random person coming to your house and putting down an offer immediately seem impossible. Like all lead generation rules, the money is always in the follow-up.

Now here is how to Stick to your prospect’s mind – using the “3 F’s strategy”.

Real estate open house strategies

4. Hire a Photographer to Take Pictures

Open house strategy

This is a very simple and powerful tip but very few real estate agents do. There is nothing effective than the photos of your house when it comes to “open house”, as well as home virtual in general.

So, if you don’t want to do it yourself, just hire a photographer and let them take pictures. It will help you increase engagement on your social media. What’s more?

Just imagine… Can pictures of lots of people enjoying themselves at your open house work great in your next listing presentation?

5. Record Your Open House & Post on Social Media or Use for Your Branding

The same approach to strategy #4. You see, people remember over 70% of what they see & hear. So, hire someone who not only can help you take tons of gorgeous pictures but also can shoot many amazing videos.

Then, the next obvious step is to post them on your Youtube channel. You can also create a short video that you can put on your Instagram account. Besides, create borders for your videos and put them on your Facebook Fanpage.

6. Schedule Your Open House Strategically

Remember this: “If there is not a strategy, there is nothing!”

So, you can see an example by revrealestateschool:

Open house strategy


7. Find a Hook

The hook is one or a few parts of your open house use to “hook” people’s interest. You can see this strategy is used everywhere as “clickbait” on the internet and, of course, it works very well.

For example, you can use the article “7 little-known house hack, number 3 will flood your daily basis with tons of new leads”. Or with an image, you can use a really gorgeous image of your living room (as you can see at the image below) to hook your buyers and make them think that all part of your house is magnificent just like this.

A Living Room Of Real Estate Agent's Open House

Of course, you don’t want to use this as a scammer. Don’t try to lie to your buyers! What you want to do is just show them the best of your open house and let them make a decision.


Avoid those deadly mistakes and strategically do “open house”, you totally can fill your calendar with tons of qualified leads.

And don’t forget to use these 16 real estate email templates to nurture your leads after doing “Open House”.

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