To gate or not to gate your content — That Is The Question. It becomes evident that your choice here requires careful consideration and a deep understanding of your target audience’s preferences and expectations.

As we explore the pros and cons, trends, and best practices in content marketing — Join us as we step into the exciting world of real estate content marketing and navigate the complexities of deciding whether or not to embrace gated content in next 2024 and may in future.

The Major Benefits of Creating Gated Content

Gated content has emerged as a powerful tool for real estate agents looking to capture and nurture leads. By requiring visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for valuable content, agents can expand their prospect database and establish meaningful connections with potential clients. Gated content acts as a virtual gate, creating an exchange of value and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the agent and the user.

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Does gating content still work in 2024?

In 2023, the effectiveness of gating content for realtors remains a topic of debate. Gated content, which involves requiring users to provide their contact information before accessing valuable information or resources, has long been a popular marketing strategy for generating leads and building client databases. However, with evolving consumer preferences and increased accessibility to information, its efficacy has come under scrutiny. 

Today’s tech-savvy homebuyers and sellers are often cautious about sharing personal information and may be deterred by gated content, preferring instant access to information. Additionally, the rise of online platforms and social media has created alternative channels for realtors to showcase their expertise and connect with potential clients, rendering gated content less necessary. However, it is important to note that gated content can still be effective in certain scenarios, such as offering exclusive market reports or specialized guides tailored to specific client needs. 

Gated content landing page examples with specialized resources to empower your Branding Strategy

Ultimately, realtors should carefully consider their target audience, the nature of the content, and the broader marketing landscape when deciding whether gating content is a viable strategy in 2024. Flexibility and adaptability are key as real estate professionals navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing strategies.

When Realtors Should Use Gated Content?

Are you seeking to generate leads and enhance your brand’s visibility and credibility in the competitive real estate market? These are crucial considerations for realtors when determining whether or not to add a gate to your content. The primary objective is to generate leads while concurrently increasing content views.

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To accomplish this, a strategic approach involves implementing gates at specific stages of the real estate marketing funnel. Let’s explore the top three stages of this funnel and the corresponding content types associated with each phase:

Awareness Stage

During this initial phase, potential clients acknowledge their housing needs but possess limited knowledge about your real estate business, about how you can help them reach their needs. Valuable content for this stage encompasses blog articles, infographics, podcasts, ebooks, and white papers, which can be optimized with relevant high-volume keywords.

Blog Site Setup with Drag-and-Drop Templates

Consideration Stage

As prospects progress to the consideration stage, they begin perceiving your brand as an authoritative figure within the real estate industry and a potential solution to their housing requirements. Tailored content for this phase may include webinars, software downloads, and compelling case studies, incorporating high-volume keywords to attract the target audience.

Create your Webinar to enhance your professional identity in Real Estate

Decision Stage

At this critical juncture in the buyer’s journey, prospects evaluate whether your real estate offerings align with their needs. Persuasive offers for this stage comprise free consultations, product demos, and enticing free trials, which can be reinforced by incorporating high-volume keywords relevant to the real estate market.

Seller Agent Landing Page with free consultation to highlight your exclusive service.

During the awareness stage, prospects typically possess limited knowledge about your brand and may be hesitant to trust your offerings. Consequently, having gates from content at this stage can significantly enhance your real estate branding among potential clients. As prospects move down deeply through the marketing funnel, their interest in your real estate business intensifies, making them more inclined to complete forms to access gated content such as ebooks and webinars.

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When Realtors Shouldn’t Use Gated Content?

Gated content can be a powerful tool when implemented effectively. However, it is essential to consider the trade-offs involved, making it clear that gated content may not be suitable for every real estate team or every piece of content. There are several compelling reasons that may prompt you to reconsider whether you should gate your real estate content in 2024.

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You want to widen content reach

If your goal is to maximize the distribution of your real estate content, gating it may hinder its visibility. By adding forms and creating friction for readers, you limit the number of people who will ultimately access your valuable content.

You want to enhance Organic Traffic

Gated content, due to its restricted access and no-indexing, remains hidden from search engines like Google. Consequently, you miss out on the potential SEO benefits that could have been gained from that content, hampering your ability to attract organic traffic.

Can Gated Blog Content Still Rank Well on Google
One of the most common drawbacks to gated content is that it provides virtually no SEO value

You don’t have the technology

Without the necessary tech infrastructure to facilitate seamless form submission and access processes for readers, as well as streamlined lead assignment and follow-up for sales and marketing, it may be prudent to delay implementing gated content in the real estate niche.

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You don’t have a Lead Management Strategy when they come in

Generating leads through gated content requires a well-defined plan for post-conversion engagement. If leads are left unattended or not nurtured effectively, they fail to contribute to your real estate business.

It is crucial to monitor your conversion rate closely to assess the quality and value of the leads you collect and determine whether the trade-offs associated with gated content are worthwhile.

Your product doesn’t require lead generation

Such a big big deal but everything can happen in real life! In real estate, certain products and services may not necessitate direct sales interactions or nurturing. For such cases, gated content is unlikely to provide substantial benefits in terms of lead generation.

To gate or not to gate content in next 2024?

Finding the right balance between exclusivity and accessibility content strategies has become a big challenge for real estate professionals. 

The deliberation of whether to implement gating techniques remains a fervently discussed subject within modern content marketing, particularly in the context of the real estate niche.

Gated content stands as an indispensable tool for lead generation, acting as the primary motive behind its utilization within the content marketing strategies of real estate pros in 2023. By stepping into gated content, the attribution of leads becomes a more explicit and quantifiable process, addressing the inherent challenge of associating leads with ungated content. The ability to precisely measure and track lead generation through gated content offers a compelling advantage in securing endorsement from key stakeholders and nurturing a sustainable leadership buy-in for your real estate content marketing strategy.

So now what? To gate or not to gate in 2024?

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In conclusion. Should I gate my content? 

Yeah! you should. 

As a mechanism for lead generation and brand storytelling, gated content can work and may still work beyond. But lead generation gates are only as effective as the content played behind them. If you’re still using PDFs to house your premium content, you aren’t sending your best.

Now, it may be time to consider better ways or strategies that guided in this article “5 Lead Generation Strategies with your Gated Content (+Example)”

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