The ability to making a quick connection is everything in your real estate network, as well as sales in general. So, try your best to learn how to expand your real estate network as quickly as possible.

That’s why in this blog I’m going to walk you through 5 very simple steps that will help you easily connect with complete strangers.

4 Quick Steps To Expand Your Real Estate Network

#1: Understand that all of your best friends once the strangers:

If you feel scared to take the first step and make friends with a stranger, it’s easy to understand. But, let’s think about this for a second…

All of your friends, all of your team members,… were once a stranger. You probably didn’t think about it while it was happening. Whether you or your friends are the ones that try to connect first, both of you were once didn’t know anything about each other. And now you guys are the best friends ever.

Real estate network

The same approach when it comes to building your real estate network and makes more friends in a real estate agent world. There is no reason why making contacts for your future transaction has to be any different.

Now, you can choose either you want to wait for them to approach you or you actively connect with them. Which one will help you a lot more? Which one will boost your sphere of influence a lot more than another one?

As same as approach a stranger for short conversation with no sales-y mode but meet long lifetime chances – have a listing presentation and then get the close afterwards. How can I able to be more confident whenever approach my real estate network then generate them into my potential listings?

#2: Ask a question

There is nothing more complicated than asking a question when it comes to starting a conversation with a stranger. Because almost everyone wants to talk about themselves.

Why? Recent research suggests a simple explanation: because it feels good

Don’t overthink everything. Sometimes with just one single right question, you can make other people share with you almost everything about them.

Real estate network

For example, if you’re in an event with tons of different people…

The easiest approach is just asking this simple question: “Hey, what brings you to this event?” or “Hi, what motivates you to join this event today?”

And then use these 16 real estate email templates to nurture and convert them over time.

#3: Make A Compliment

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to lie to yourself and force yourself to make some shinny compliments. Just be honest! Almost everyone has something that is deserved to get a compliment.

I understand… maybe you would feel a little bit uncomfortable. But it deserves to spend time practicing. It will help you a lot not only in making a great real estate network but also in almost every other aspect of your daily life.

Again, don’t overthink it. Just do something simple like: “Your dress looks really nice”.

And remember… Don’t immediately try to direct the conversation to whatever you’re selling. Right now you’re just making friends!

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#4: Get Contact Information

Even if you’re trying to get new friends, the main purpose is still getting their email address, phone number,… If you can’t get their contacts, you are not really having a “real” friend in the real estate network.

And you will have to use real estate cold calling scripts to approach new leads constantly.

Real estate network

Exchanging cards is a good way to do this. Don’t feel uncomfortable when doing it because people are very happy to offer their contact information to someone that really can help them in the future.

Don’t discount this. The person who is in front of you at the coffee shop probably can be your new best friend or most loyal customer. However, you’ll never know until you take your time and really try to connect with them once.

Now, once you get their contact. Remember to follow up. Unless your friends are going to forget you really fast.

And “the money is in the follow-up” if you can do this properly, you’ll get tons of referrals and potential transactions in the future.

Now, here is how to follow up real estate leads like an expert (even if you’re a new real estate agent)


As a salesperson – real estate agent, your real estate relationships can be considered the MOST valuable treasure that you can have.

So, try to expand your connections, get to know more people every single day,… after a while, you will see the return on investment is massive!

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