How real estate agents get leads? Especially, as a new real estate agent, where will you get your first lead?

Now, real estate lead generation companies are one of the many good choices to generate real estate leads for new agents. Obviously, without leads, nothing can be done. There is no appointment, no transaction, no closed sales,… This is why your very first mission is finding and getting leads as fast and as much as possible whether you want or not

#1 Where to get new real estate leads

Statistics from the National Association Of Realtors 2019 show that the Internet is a huge source of leads for real estate agents.

In fact, most real estate agents choose to buy leads from online real estate lead generation companies – which is not a very good choice but it’s a common solution.

And according to, now is one of the best real estate websites:

In general, buying leads from real estate lead generation companies helps you classify and focus on the demographic and specific area that you want to. It also allows you to advertise in a particular area in exchange for a monthly fee or cost per lead. It’s good for you if you want to spend more time on other things instead of focusing on getting new leads.

Check out how to generate new leads using “Content Stream” from EOwn here.

Now, before dive deep into why did I say “which is not a very good choice”, let’s first together walk through some of the best sites to buy leads right now

#2: The 9 best lead generation companies for real estate you can buy from

1) Zillow Premier Agent

  • Price: $250+ (2020)
  • Good point: High volume of mostly buyer leads
Generating leads for real estate agents - 7 best real estate lead generation companies

Zillow is one of the most popular real estate lead generation companies that attract a huge amount of buyer leads every single day. So, it makes sense if you want to show your listings there to oppose potential home buyers because the vast majority are people finding their dream house.

Zillow Premier Agent’s features:

  • Buyer and seller leads by zip code
  • Personal webpage
  • CRM
  • Customer support
  • Etc…

But, don’t expect that you can easily close the transactions when buying leads from Zillow. Because there are so many reasons Why leads from Zillow are not very “hot”. If you just blindly buy, it can cost you thousands of dollars without helping you get in content with any potential buyer, let alone meet them in real life.

2) Market Leader

  • Price: $99 per month + $20-$30 per lead (2020)
  • Good point: Best overall, providing guaranteed leads

Market Leader’s features:

  • Buyer and seller leads
  • CRM
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Automation
  • Etc…
Generating leads for real estate agents - 7 best real estate lead generation companies

Whenever you buy leads from any site, the biggest concern is always “What if I don’t get anything out of it?”. So, Market Leader provides a solution by providing guaranteed leads in your inbox each and every month. This is something that Zillow, BoldLeads,… haven’t provided

Just to be clear, giving you guaranteed leads does not mean you don’t have to do anything and still and make a transaction. No! You still have to put in hard work, consistently nurture them in order to convert them into your clients

3) BoldLeads

  • Price: $399 per month, plus $250 minimum ad spend (2020)
  • Good point: Runner-up, best overall, and provide exclusive leads

Bold Leads’s features:

  • Buyer and seller leads
  • CRM
  • automatic system to follow-up
  • Video training
  • Etc…
Generating leads for real estate agents - 7 best real estate lead generation companies


Bold Leads is extremely expensive, so you have to use it carefully if you don’t want to burn all of your money without getting anything out of this site

4) Zurple

  • Price: Starting at a $250/mo minimum for buyer leads, or $450/mo for sellers
  • Good point: Best for Automation
Generating leads for real estate agents - 7 best real estate lead generation companies

Zurple’s features:

  • Buyer and seller leads
  • CRM
  • A custom website
  • Can be integrated with Zillow, Trulia, and
  • Etc…

Zurple offers almost every tool you need, even creating and customizing your own website, as well as a CRM to manage your own leads. Again, the price is not cheap, unless you use it properly, the return on investment can really go against what you’re doing

5) Offrs

  • Price: Starting at $200
  • Good point: Best for Getting Listings

Offrs’s features:

  • Seller leads
  • CRM
  • FSBO leads
  • Video tutorials
  • Etc…
Generating leads for real estate agents - 7 best real estate lead generation companies

The “unique selling point” is that they offer a FREE 30-minute consultation call with their specialists in order to help you figure out anything you haven’t known about.  

However, keep in mind that leads on these leads are shared, so many other real estate agents may have already contacted them before.

6) Zoho CRM

  • Price: Starting at $12 per user per month
  • Good point: Best for Social Media

Zoho’s features:

  • Buyer and seller leads
  • CRM and marketing tools
  • Analytics
  • Customized Reports
  • Etc…


  • Price: $40 per month (2020)
  • Good point: Best Price, providing prospecting leads

REDX’s features:

  • Different types of sellers lead (including expired leads)
  • Video training
  • Phone call role-play and script practice
  • Provide support with lead conversion systems
  • Etc…


8) Real Geeks

  • Price: $249 per month for two users, then $25 extra per month for each additional user (2020)
  • Good point: providing team-distributed leads

Real Geeks’s features:

Moreover, this also includes things like website setup and lead capture optimization, specific plan to nurture and follow-up your prospects, and almost every other thing in between. It’s really worth it especially if you’re looking for personalization

9) SmartZip

  • Price: $400 – $500 per month, depending on the market (2020)
  • Good point: providing seller leads

Smartzip’s features:

  • Automated Marketing Campaign
  • Seller leads in specific areas
  • Predictive analytics
  • Target just the people most likely to produce new listings
  • Etc…


However, nothing comes without any drawback. The major drawback to SmartZip is the cost. You have to spend $12,000 per year in commission which is a lot for the majority of real estate agents, not to mention it requires a 3-year contract

So, if are ready to put in commitment and dedication it would be a great choice. Otherwise, it could be an expensive waste.

#3: How to attract tons of new leads with almost $0

Buying leads is one of the good choices to generate new leads for your real estate business. However, the cons are it’ll cost you a huge amount of money without making sure you can get anything out of those leads

Anyway, you should use EOwn’s breakthrough real estate content marketing strategy to attract leads and constantly give value to them. Whenever they think of a real estate agent, your name would be an “obvious choice”

That’s how you can constantly get tons of new leads each and every month without spending an extra minute or a single more cent to buy leads from these real estate lead generation companies

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