There was a man named Nick. And this is how he became a millionaire in just 6 months…

Nick is a bookseller, and his books are amazing but not well-known. He decided to launch an advertising campaign to boost his revenue.

Yet, the first ad disappointed him: he made zero sales… nor did the second one, or the third, or even the fourth…

The first 2 months brought back no profit. He started doubting whether this is a waste of money and rethinking about still launching ads or not. But this happened… 

When he was at the edge of quitting, his revenue actually went up in the third month. It was slow at first, but it was a good sign. 

Beyond his expectations, it went up exponentially! After a month or so, it literally exploded! 💣

How did this happen? Why is everything corrupted so unexpectedly in a certain short time? – It’s because he managed to stay top of mind with his prospects consistently.

And real estate email templates will help you do so.

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Why do you need to stay in touch with your prospects every single week?

Before we do anything we need to know why regular interaction with potential customers is extremely important. 

1) It increases your credibility

Consumers choose brands like they choose friends. Obviously, they wouldn’t play with someone they first met.

If you manage to show up every single week, they’ll get familiar with you. And like Nick, his prospects don’t buy eventually (no one would buy from a total stranger), but rather they buy after a decent period of time. 

After all, it’s all worth the time, right? 

Cold calling is a great example. It’s you approach them at the stage that they are totally unaware of your service and your brand. ROI is low and requires a huge amount of time!

2) When they’re ready to make a decision, you can be their number #1 choice

At the time when Nick’s ads campaign first launched, his prospects, unfortunately, weren’t in demand of buying books.

However, as soon as they feel like they want to own one, there’s a 99% chance that they think of Nick first since he’s been showing up for several months. 

They will even likely introduce Nick to their friends, which means that Nick was being advertised without spending a single penny! 

So like I said, the frequency of your brand to your potential customers really affects your entire business. 

How can you do that without putting in too much effort?

1) Hire a team of designers & content writers.

This team will help you handle everything and make sure you will become a social media sensation.

However, this could cost you a fortune! This will be a problem especially for start-ups, small and medium businesses.

Otherwise, you will need to buy leads from these 9 best real estate lead generation companies for real estate here. And it’s yep it’s very costly as well.

    2) Use our free templates (Real Estate Email Templates for real estate agents)

EOwn provides real estate email templates, social media ads templates, SEO, etc. for you ready to use!

  • Why use real estate email templates? 

Like I’ve said before, you need to show up to your clients every single week.

But as a business owner, you couldn’t spend all day copywriting, nor likely hire a copywriter since it’s “uneconomic”. 

Luckily, you can instead use our ready-to-use copy and design templates for FREE!

Our templates are written by professional copywriters, so it could probably bring back the result as good as an in-house copywriter could bring.

  • How? 

It’s so simple. 

We have hundreds of templates, all you have to do is change it to your brand’s name and other info, and use them for your ads campaign.

You can also check out our:

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Simple as that! You won’t need to spend a lot of money on unnecessary stuff.


After all, if you want to build a strong business and want to stand out in over 1.6 million real estate companies in the US, building a relationship is an essential factor. 

Buying leads from lead generation companies is not good for the long run.

Engaging with your prospect every single week using real estate email templates is the best choice for you right now.

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