Let’s be honest, there are tons of real estate lead generation ideas out there, which look really promising, but all turns out doesn’t work and they’re just too saturated. But in order to stand out, you need to do things differently and uniquely. Here are 9 real estate lead generation ideas that are extremely undermined – most real estate companies/agents don’t use them – to attract qualified prospects…

1) Use quiz

People love learning new things that are simple – It’s natural human psychology.

And quizzes are just fit for that! They are easy to create and easy to impress your prospects.

In fact, this method has been used for decades in the past (that’s probably a reason why people underrate this strategy)…


  • Provide no more than 10 questions each round
  • Make the question as easy as possible
  • Don’t forget to leave a CTA at the end 

Learn How to attract and qualify leads using real estate Quiz right away before your competitors do it! 


Real Estate Quiz - EOwn Blog

2) Expand your real estate network

It is said that Your network is your net worth

And this is just too true! 

Try to build good relationships with your clients (during and after the deal) as well as other real estate agents. 

This is the most economic method – not to say it’s a FREE real estate lead generation method – that anybody can use…

ONLY IF you know how to do it right. Learn how to make new real estate friends effectively in 60s  and expand your net worth right away! 

3) Open houses

“Open house” is not only an event to advertise yourself but also a perfect time to generate real estate leads.

Instead of laying in bed lazily on Sunday morning, launch an Open House and run some Facebook Ads around the house’s area. 

Come up with amazing Open house ideas to generate an enormous amount of leads now – before your competitors do it! 

4) Facebook Ads

As I mentioned earlier, Facebook Ads can be used for the Open houses really effectively. But other than that, it is one of the easiest ways for real estate lead generation online. 

Facebook marketing is not saturated if you do it correctly. It can boost your income leads exponentially! 


  • Select a workable demographic
  • Choose suitable behaviors
  • Write compelling captions (or use our templates)

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5) Content marketing

This is the most effective online real estate lead generation strategy, also really affordable. 

However, lots of people get this wrong – They aggressively push the buyer and in every content they serve, they sell. 

Well, this is not wrong; in fact, it’s actually the purpose of delivering content for businesses like us. But the big problem here is they do it wrong. 

Bring them value, gain trust and credibility by…

  • Post tips and tricks
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • How to’s
  • Experiences

… and more

Content marketing can sometimes be a real estate lead generation free idea. Definitely essential for every entrepreneur! 

6) Buy leads from real estate companies

Lots of real estate lead generation companies out there are doing their great job to help start-ups. 

Although this is not a perfect choice for long-term benefits, it’s a good start anyway. 

Qualified real estate lead generation companies to choose should provide…

  • Widely visited by buyers 
  • A clarified process and strategy they use
  • Their experience and reputation 
  • Their average performance 
  • Reasonable terms & conditions
Real Estate Lead Generation Companies For New Real Estate Agents

7) Cold calling

These days, especially during this pandemic, everyone stays at home. So other physical advertising methods like banners, leaflets, etc. would not perform as well as remote methods.

Specifically, cold calling has a closer interaction than launching ads.

Of course, it takes time and effort. But if you use an effective script that closes the deal, you’ll likely have a lifetime client. 

8) Cold Email

In 2020, there are 306.4 billion emails sent and received. And for most real estate agents as well as businesses, cold email is their main income as it can increase or CR by 30-50%. 

Once you have built up a decent amount of email subscribers (actually, you can just start off at any amount), start mailing them and invite them to buy your products.

Besides, here’s how to convert leads with real estate email templates

And here are 16 ready-to-use real estate email templates free for you to use.

9) Position yourself as a real estate expert

There are millions of real estate agents out there doing the same thing you’re doing now. 

So how can you stand out? How do you convince the buyers to trust you? Rather than those other people?

The shortcut here is becoming an expert. 

Becoming an expert these days is not just reading some tips and tricks. You’ll need a comprehensive guide to growing effectively. 

It’s easy to get it, right? If you’re at the edge of choosing an expert and an intermediate to help you, what would you choose? 


So there are the top 9 lead generation ideas that have been underrated nowadays.

If you manage to advance it, you will definitely stand out from your competitors.