It goes without saying that getting listings is the hardest thing to do when you’re early in your career.

You often have questions like…

  • How can you convince the sellers to trust you and let you help them? 
  • How can you gain credibility when you’re just new to real estate?
  • How did real estate agents get their first listings?


All of those questions will be answered detailedly through these 10 amazing tips for real estate agents to get their first listings.

1) Open house 

Using this method, you can actually attract both potential sellers and buyers. More importantly, it is proven that this is one of the best strategies to get listings.

In the event, when meeting with neighbors, show up and tell them what you could do for them, how you can help them, and then potentially pick up additional listings in the area. 

Your goal is to have as many listings as possible. You shouldn’t walk away with only 1. 

Make sure to check out these 7 amazing Open House ideas and 5 deadly mistakes to avoid here.

Open House Strategies For New Real Estate Agents

2) Know your market 

Update the trends continuously and increase your product knowledge!

If you know the area, the price per square foot, what things are selling in detail, you’ll probably have a chance to make an appointment with the homeowner. 

And during the appointment, your wide-knowledge performance can make a great impression and therefore have more listings.

In order to become a successful real estate agent, you’ve got to be willing to learn and absorb new information every single day.

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3) Build a solid profile

In this continuously growing world, sellers’ expectations and choices increase as there are hundreds or even millions of real estate companies out there.

A personalized and competitive profile will reflect how skilled and professional you are from your prospects’ view. Also, this will significantly boost your commission even higher compared to those who have a weak profile. 

Now, build a strong profile and portfolio filled up with experiences, skills, talents, etc. If you don’t have any of those, list as many strong points as possible.

4) Bring Testimonials

Using testimonials is an amazing way to advertise yourself…

People tend to believe in your reviews rather than a long list of you bragging about yourself.

Testimonials increase your credibility as well as recognition. 

So make sure to prepare testimonials and show them to the homeowners; also, right before your deals are closed, try to ask for a review/testimonial for future clients immediately because this is when they’ve already satisfied with your service

You can find many aesthetic testimonials templates ready to use here.

5) Give Your Personal Guarantee

Everyone, maybe including you, prefers certainty

All you need to do is outline your plan and tell them what you can help them and how. Be as specific as possible to gain trust and confidence.

And after they decided to hire you, keep your word and do your best. Never ever promise something that you can’t personally make sure you’re able to deliver. Also, don’t forget to ask them for a review to get upcoming clients. 

6) Pricing

Some sellers often have unrealistic expectations about their home’s value. This is a common problem that EVERY real estate agent must face. 

However, it is reasonable because this is probably their biggest investment and of course, they want as much profit as possible. You shouldn’t be too aggressive and criticize their behavior.

Your goal is to educate as well as convince them about the pricing strategies, what works best, and the consequences of overpricing the house.

This will make homeowners assume you are well educated and professional if you’ve done it correctly.

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7) Bring A Gift With You

Everyone loves surprises, and you can make a huge impression by giving them a meaningful gift.

It doesn’t have to be big or expensive: a pen, a calendar, a small notebook or some sweets will work totally fine!  

If they have kids, consider some candies, crayons, or small toys. 

8) Practice and Prepare

Always be prepared before meeting a client, attending events, selling products,… Prepare EVERYTHING! 

Please don’t even tempt to show up with a client with no practice or preparation whatsoever and overestimate your skills. Never any of those bring back positive results yet a bad performance and make a bad impression on your prospects and clients.  

Prepare to handle objections, some frequent questions, documents, etc. Show them your commitment and willingness to work with them.

And then don’t forget to follow up with them after the initial meetings. Most deals are made after at least strategic 3-5 follow-ups. You can check out some follow-up email templates for real estate agents here.

9) Talk about value rather than price

Your number one goal is to shift the discussion with your prospects from the price to the value of the house. 

Get them a better idea of the house’s worth in the marketplace, the replace-ability of the house, and the competition they’re in. 

So try to delay the discussion on prices until we finish talking about the values. This will make them have a more open mind and tend to be more agreeable to your suggestions.

10) Be willing to walk away

If the homeowner is extremely demanding and unrealistic in their house prices and values, you should end the conversation. Your enthusiasm and emotion you put in won’t be worth the commission; moreover, these types of customers often leave a bad review and will negatively affect your business.

Prepare for yourself an emergency fund for at least 6-12 months so you won’t hesitate to walk away from bad clients.


Getting listings at the start of your journey in the field of real estate can be really tough…

Never stop putting in the work and all your hard work will be paid off soon!

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