If you are trying to decide what to sell, then this will definitely help you start! Most of these easy digital products to sell ideas can be created in free programs like Canva — no fancy design skills required!

Guess what? All you need is to be curious and willing to learn to create awesome digital products and make some money along the way!

What is Real Estate Digital Product?

Real estate digital products examples, often referred to as “virtual properties”. From insightful e-books and in-depth courses to data-driven market reports and virtual property tours, the digital landscape allows you to package your expertise and insights into easily accessible formats.

Real estate digital products encompass a wide array of offerings that hold substantial value, making sure to cater to the modern needs of buyers, sellers, investors, and enthusiasts. 

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Why you should sell digital products

Just keep some main reasons why you might want to sell digital products these days.

Cost-effectiveness in operation

For those realtor-beginners seeking a budget-friendly approach, digital products present an excellent entry point. The primary financial commitment in selling digital products often revolves around the tools used for creation or potential e-commerce platform charges. Nevertheless, for every expense that may arise, there generally exists an economical or cost-free alternative that delivers comparable value. 

For instance, if investing in an e-commerce platform to sell digital products on Etsy isn’t in your plans, you can opt to establish your own website or utilize social media for sales. Similarly, if sophisticated content editing software is beyond your current budget, there are numerous user-friendly free or affordable alternatives like Canva to choose from.

You can get started with Canva first, here some Canva Hacks help you start easier!

No need to manage inventory

One of the standout advantages of digital products lies in their virtual existence, thus, the need for additional storage or inventory management is eliminated. It also makes it easier to manage your products, almost everything you do is stored in your online workplace, and may be laid neatly in your laptop. There are also numerous cloud storage options, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, which can accommodate extensive digital file collections. External storage devices serve as a supplementary storage avenue as well.

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Your customers can access after purchase instantly 

An eminent benefit digital products offer to your clientele is immediate access upon purchase. Most digital products are accessible right after acquisition, although some vendors provide pre-order options. This not only spares substantial expenses related to shipping and packaging but also facilitates the transformation of this endeavor into a passive income stream.

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You stop trading time for money

The beauty of this approach is that constant order monitoring, packaging, and delivery endeavors become superfluous, allowing you to keep your energies elsewhere — might be selling properties, what you do best.This is great, isn’t it?

Digital products sell on their own, even if you’re on vacation, get sick, in your sleep or go to the bathroom.

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Many opportunities to sell digital products

There are many options to sell digital products, limited only by your creativity. The shift in our societal landscape has prompted a higher reliance on virtual resources. As more realtors seek educational materials, real estate pros adapt to virtual and hybrid coaching modes, and realtors are trying to explore potential buyers’ experience by offering education support timely… and they’re all turning to the internet.

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Real Estate Coaching Call Setup

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Does digital product make money in Real Estate?

Just like physical real estate appreciates over time, these ‘digital properties’ can gain authority, traffic, and influence, and of course, translating to a steady stream of income. This modern earnings is driven by the increasing reliance on the internet for information, entertainment, and commerce.

From training video modules to comprehensive checklists and informative e-books, the present landscape offers more openings than ever for aspiring realtors to start a successful side hustle

Training video modules setup


Seller & Buyer Guide Bundle

How to find a digital product to sell?

Identifying the right digital products to sell in the real estate niche involves a strategic approach that combines research, creativity, and a deep understanding of your target audience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find and choose product to sell online that resonates with your potential customers.

1. Target Your Niche 

Selecting the right niche is the foundation of a successful making money online with real estate digital products, it’s essential to identify lucrative niches. Conduct thorough market research to uncover gaps in information or services that potential buyers are seeking. Niches could range from first-time homebuyers seeking step-by-step guides to seasoned investors hungry for advanced investment strategies.

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2. Understand your target audience

Identify an area that aligns with your expertise and resonates with your target audience. Clearly define your target audience within the real estate sector. Are you catering to homebuyers, real estate agents, property investors, or landlords? Understanding your audience’s needs and preferences will guide your product selection. 

Tools like keyword research platforms and trend analysis will be your compass in this stage.

Using online Forms following key questions that you want to ask your community, serve as a online basic and add some bonus gift (you should) to attract your target audiences to find it interesting to answer them all.

Resources for Real Estate Branding included Exclusive Content + Forms

3. Define Your Expertise then Product Ideas

Your digital product should leverage your knowledge and experience to provide value to your customers. It could be known as easy digital products to sell if you chose a product that aligns with your strengths, your own expertise and skills in the real estate field is vital, this keep your inspiration whole the time, making it easier than starting with trending products but you don’t have any ideas

Your digital product should provide solutions that align with your target audience’s pain points. Whether it’s educational resources, tools, templates, or guides, your product should address a specific problem.

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For example, maybe you think you should make a real estate checklist because they are popular, but you really love making spreadsheets to keep your personal work and business organized, sometimes useful for your teamwork, too. That’s it, you would focus on that instead!

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Best Profitable Digital products to sell online 

Consider options like e-books, online courses, templates, spreadsheets, checklists, webinars, virtual tours, or investment calculators. Top digital products to sell may be variety, you can get ideas from these digital product


High-Value E-books

One of the most impactful ways to monetize your real estate expertise is through meticulously crafted e-books. These digital publications allow you to compile your insights, strategies, and advice into a comprehensive guide that resonates with your target audience. Consider titles like “The Ultimate Guide to Flipping Properties” or “Navigating the Rental Market: A Landlord’s Handbook.”

Flipping House templates

For example: A professional Ebook that offers ‘Buying Property Calculators Spreadsheet’ —This may be useful for both aspiring homeowners and seasoned property investors 

Homeowner Guideline Fees Templates

Or a comprehensive guide to assess potential real estate purchases serves as a powerful decision-making aid, allowing users to make informed choices by analyzing various financial aspects of property acquisition. It encompasses a range of calculators tailored to different scenarios, factoring in mortgage rates, down payments, and ongoing expenses like property taxes and insurance, or rental property cash flow, return on investment (ROI), and even property flipping profitability. This helps them avoid overextending their budget and ensures a more sustainable investment. 

In-Depth Real Estate Courses

Online courses have gained immense popularity, providing an interactive platform for learners to absorb valuable knowledge. Design a series of courses that cater to different proficiency levels – from beginners to experts. Titles like “Real Estate Investment 101 for Beginner” or “Mastering Negotiations in Property Sales” can draw in a diverse set of learners.

Negotiation Skill for Agents Course

Data-Driven Market Reports

In a data-centric industry like real estate, providing up-to-date and accurate market information is invaluable. Develop subscription-based services where you deliver data-driven market reports on a regular basis. These reports can include insights on property trends, rental yields, price fluctuations, and more.

Step-by-step guides with helpful worksheets

This is a great real estate digital product to sell when you got a large amount of knowledge but do not want to create a full course — With your insights, these guides will be the guiding stars for all things real estate!

For examples:

Property listing checklist _EOwn Blog

A How-to guide on ‘Navigating Home Listing Stress-Free’ 

or A How-to guide on ‘Investment Property 101: Your First Profitable Move.’ 

Homebuyer’s Guides and Checklists

Design comprehensive guides and checklists for homebuyers, guiding them through the entire home purchasing process. Cover topics like mortgage pre-approval, property inspections, negotiation strategies, and closing procedures. Given the complexity of buying (or selling a home)

This guide bundle can offer clarity and confidence to potential buyers and sellers

There are many best-selling digital products you can create in the niche of real estate templates: New client packet templates, new homeowner checklist templates, marketing material templates, open house flyers, real estate door hangers, social media post templates and more.

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Hopefully these product ideas and strategies will give you an idea of where to start creating in order to sell!

Through strategically developed real estate digital products, you can not only share your expertise but also build a lucrative online venture. The success of your digital products depends on the quality of the content, its relevance to your target audience, and your ability to effectively market and promote them. Most important thing is that you have to ensure that your digital products provide genuine value to those in the real estate market.

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Generating passive income through digital product creation is a brilliant strategy for anyone like you looking to enhance your earnings beyond traditional commissions.

Here’s how it’s done!