In this post, I’m going to walk you through 12 powerful steps that will help you successfully get more listings if you follow them in a consistent and constant way.

#1: Say “YES” to every opportunity when you just get started

I remember very well the story I read in a real estate book called “Sell It Like Serhant” written by Ryan Serhant 

This is a story of how Ryan sold an 8.2 million dollar apartment in Midtown – and get the entire 6% of commission – just by simply say “Yes”

Generally, one day he got an email from a complete stranger – looking back is very spammy.

“I am seeking help to make a big real estate investment in New York City. Please respond if you can help me make this investment”

However, this was very early on in his career and at this point, he was eager for as many balls as possible, so…

He replied: “Yes. Of course, I can help you find an apartment!”

And boom! After a few weeks chasing this probably fake deal, he ends up with the amount of money that most people don’t even think they could make in their entire lives.

Well, that’s a very long story that I don’t have enough room for details here. He did it by simply saying “yes” to every opportunity that comes to him. And of course, he had to do a lot of other things and went through so many struggles to close that deal, but it’s worth it!

That’s why he told us… 

“Even if you can’t do it, just say yes and then trust yourself to figure out how to do it later”

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#2: Find a mentor, Junior Agent, or broker assistant

Now, the landscape of real estate is different, it becomes harder than ever with the appearance of new technology, tools, options,… that home sellers could easily use to find a lot of real estate agents and even sell their houses themselves.

The expectation is very different and now the commission and the service you offer are not the determining factors anymore.

So, the best and easiest way for you if you’re just getting started is to find a mentor, junior agent, or broker assistant – who has already had a lot of experience and most importantly a BIG sphere of influence.

How to get listings - Real estate agents

They could help you build the connection, expand your relationship and give you referrals if possible. And that’s the best way that you could expect to get more listings in real estate

But, how to find a mentor?

Yeah, it’s very hard… Because they have already been successful and basically they don’t need anything from you. If they accept you as their mentee which means they need to spend time training and helping you.

So, what you need to do is not trying to ask for mentorship but trying to give value in advance. How can you do something that they would feel valuable? How can you give value to them without asking for anything in return?

Let’s check out these 10 steps to find and keep a good mentor

Of course, it will take a lot of time but that’s the only way to get mentorship from successful people. Except for when you have a ton of money to buy their 1-on-1 mentorship program.

After all, remember this: “Try to deliver value in advance, don’t just blindly ask for benefit”

#3: Call everyone you know… and ask for new listings

Grab the phone and call everyone you know. Call your best friends, all your family members,… Call the guys you just met last week at the party. Call the sweet girl you just talk to in the coffee shop 2 days ago,…

Because most of the time, the first listing and the first successful transaction probably come from the people in our connection.

How to get listings - Real estate agents

Make sure you have a script before making a single phone call and also make sure you’re going to talk about real estate. Try to practice and eliminate your fear first, because probably you’ll not be able to start talking about real estate in your phone call. 

So, remember to ask whether they’re planning to move to another place or planning to make a real estate investment or not. If the answer is “yes”, now you’re having a huge potential customer!

#4: Do cold calling to get more listings

How to get listings - Real estate agents

After you call all the people that you know. Now you should start thinking about making cold calls. Although this is an old-school strategy, it still works if you’re consistent and willing to put in the dedication.

Although this is one of the hardest ways to get more listings, it still works if you are diligent and persistent

Here’s how to get 100 appointments/referrals per year with cold calling

#5: Go to networking events, workshops, seminars,… to get more listings

Again, a potential customer can show up everywhere. Sometimes you will meet them at some places that you can’t even think of in your wildest dream.

Events, workshops, seminars,… those are the great starting point. Try to make friends and expand your connection. 

Yeah, I know it’s hard especially if you’re shy and have never done it before.

So, you can learn 4 simple steps to make friends in 60 seconds here.

A gym is also a good choice. You’ll want to make friends with at least 1 person whenever you go to the gym.

How to get listings - Real estate agents

But don’t get me wrong, what I’m talking about is not blindly run to a stranger and try to sell them: “Hey, I’m a real estate agent, do you have a house to sell?”

Who knows you, likes you, and is ready to give you a referral and listing if they need it.

As a real estate agent and a salesperson… Your relationship is your personal gold mine. Just imagine…  What if you can expand your connection with only 1 person a day? – Yes, after 1 single year you now have a connection of over 365 potential customers.

#6: Show off and post everything you know about RE on social media

Of course, sometimes you’d feel a little uncomfortable when posting something related to your business. Or you don’t want your Facebook to literally be a “Shop”.

But social media is a very potential source, not only you can get potential customers here but also you can increase your recognition. It’s great in either way.

Let’s take a look at how Marco Gervasi, Douglas Elliman Long Island tell a story of his first listing:

“My first listing came about from a Facebook message. When I got my license at Douglas Elliman and promoted myself on Facebook a friend from High School reached out to me to sell his home. What a memorable first listing it was!

#7: Always driving for Recommendations

After a while in the real estate industry, you’ll see most of your income will come from your referrals. That’s why people said “Money is in the referrals”

Try to work hard every single day and expand your connection. Then, you’ll probably don’t have to introduce yourself anymore – other people would. Your fulfilled customers will happily pass your business card around to their friends. Now you can enjoy the power of “Word of mouth” (WOM)

But don’t get me wrong. Working hard is not enough. If you want to get a recommendation from other people, you need to always be on top of their minds. In order to do that, you need a comprehensive powerful 3’F strategy to constantly follow up and make them feel impossible to not think of your name when it comes to real estate!

#8: Contact local major developers

Of course, this is one of the most difficult strategies and a lot easier said than done. But it’s worth investing your time. 

Usually, if you can connect and build a relationship with one of them, he/she can support you when they get any new listings. And this can benefit you a lot, especially when you’re just getting started.

#9: Utilize the open house strategy

I understand this way is a little bit crazy! Nowadays, it’s SO weird when it comes to going door-to-door and trying to sell something. But it still works if you’re very diligent and persistent.

How to get listings - Real estate agents

Although the odds of success are very low, you still can try. Sometimes, there is someone or some family in your neighborhood that is intending to move to another bigger place. That’s a good chance for you to grab the opportunity and get their listing.

But absolutely you can’t approach this way with a blank mind. You need to have some comprehensive scripts in order to help you convert these strangers.

If you want to know more about “open house”, you can check out this article:

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And also check out EOwn Open House content templates (Free to use)

#10: “Buy new listings” from real estate lead generation companies

The easiest, fastest, and MOST effective usually comes down to buying leads from real estate lead generation companies. Although most of those companies are providing buyer leads, a lot of companies also provide seller leads.

This is exactly the fastest way to get some of your very first listings. Here are 9 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Although you can get seller leads from these companies. It doesn’t mean you can close the deal. If you have a lot of new listings but don’t have any buyer leads to show them what you have, it means nothing! 

So here’s how you can attract new leads as a real estate expert.


Well, this sounds a little ridiculous when I’m trying to convince you to be confident when probably you’re naturally not a confident person. 

However… “Nothing works without confidence”

You can’t connect with strangers if you’re not confident…

You can’t negotiate well if you’re not confident…

You can’t be a good salesperson and constantly close the transactions if you’re not confident…

And of course, you can’t get new listings as well.

So, the very first thing you need to do is step out of your comfort zone and try to do something that you haven’t done before. 

It will help you boost your confidence day by day. Although you’ll feel very scared, it’s worth a try. And definitely, it’s an absolute requirement if you want to be successful especially in this real estate industry!

Remember… Confidence is one of the MOST important weapons that a salesperson can have!

#12: Learn and invest in yourself

“Invest in yourself beats all other investment”

You can NEVER be better if you stop learning and stop growing.

The number #1 most common thing that a successful real estate agent, as well as every other successful person, is that they’re addicted to learning and growing.

They can’t help but constantly absorb new skills, new information, new knowledge,… And of course, this is NOT a simple process. You’ll need a lot of time creating and maintaining your love for learning.

What’s more? It will cost you a LOT of money. Whether you want to buy a book, attend a course,… It’s totally not cheap. So, just be aware that it’s going to be a big burn!

Again, it’s worth every single cent. Constantly learning and constantly putting in dedication and then one day a lot of new listings will ultimately keep pouring in.


There are a lot more ways to get listings. It’s important to figure out which one is best for you.

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